• Summer Internship in Applied Cryptography

    We are seeking candidates for summer internship in applied cryptography engineering. Click to know more.
  • Monero Bulletproofs+ Security Audit

    In this post, we release the security audit report we conducted for Monero's implementation of Bulletproofs+.
  • Comparing Bulletproofs+ and Bulletproofs - Part III

    In the third part on comparing Bulletproofs+ and Bulletproofs, we discuss the single multi-exponentiation verification in Bulletproofs and Bulletproofs range proof protocols. This greatly speeds up the verification speeds. Dive in to see the math behind it!
  • Comparing Bulletproofs+ and Bulletproofs - Part II

    In this second part on comparing Bulletproofs+ and Bulletproofs, we briefly discuss the Bulletproofs range proof protocol. We have implemented Bulletproofs+ in KZen-networks' Bulletproofs library for quantitative comparison between the two protocols.
  • Comparing Bulletproofs+ and Bulletproofs - Part I

    Bulletproofs+ is a recently proposed log-sized range proof protocol building upon the current state-of-the-art Bulletproofs protocol. In this first part, we briefly discuss the key differences between the inner product argument and the weighted inner product argument on which the two protocols rely on respectively.
  • Understanding Inner Product Argument

    In this post, we will discuss the details of the inner-product argument described in the Bulletproofs paper. We will emphasize on the simplicity yet the powerful nature of the inner-product argument.
  • Shorter, Privacy-Preserving Proof of Reserves for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    With the rise of crypto exchanges for enabling customers own crypto assets, the recent hacks and scams have created a distrust in the minds of customers. I am designing cryptographic protocols as one of the ways to help prevent such undesirable circumstances.
  • Solving the Chicken & Hen Problem of MProve

    MProve is a recent proof of reserves protocol for Monero. Although equipped with the guarantees of non-collusion, inflation resistance and address privacy, it has some drawbacks. I attempted to overcome those in this work.
  • Dynamic Boltzmann Machines

    With a motive to get a better understanding of modelling human brain and explore its effectivity in in real-life problems, I worked on Dynamic Boltzmann Machines. Read to know more about our work.
  • Plasticity-based Learning in DNNs

    Plasticity is one of the fundamental properties which helps our neurons memorize efficiently. In this project, we explored performance of Hebbian plasticity-induced DNNs in comparison to conventional DNNs.
  • Fast 3D & Depth-separable Convolution on HiFi4 DSP

    I spent summers of 2018 at Cadence Design Systems, Pune working on designing efficient and fast algorithms to implements 3D and Depth Separable Convolution for Automatic Speech Recognition purposes.